Budget Management Program for Seniors

Hale Barnard’s Budget Management Program for Seniors is for those elders who need basic support budgeting monthly financial obligations. Our volunteers aid the low-income elder clients in paying rent, utility bills, food bills, and any other items that arise. Occasionally the volunteer may act as an advocate with housing managers, Social Security, and other organizations. On average a volunteer spends 2-3 hours a month with the client and 1 year commitment is required.

When the volunteer’s background check is completed, they are trained and matched with an elder as soon as possible. The initial meeting with the client consists of the program director, volunteer, and clients’ case manager or social worker. If both the client and the volunteer agree to the match, they decide on a schedule and work on a budget, including monthly spending money and allocating for other necessities. The elder client’s volunteer visits monthly and writes out the payment checks that the elder then signs. The volunteer and elder client’s money is insured and monitored by Hale Barnard Staff.

For more information on the Budget Management Program for Seniors, contact Patricia Alcidor at 617-375-0880 ext 117 or send a message here.

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